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The following page answers frequently asked questions about “Mahnung-online” service:

[Image]  Who is behind website “Mahnung-Online“?
[Image]  How does “Mahnung-Online” handle its cases?
[Image]  How does communication take place between “Mahnung Online“ and our clients?
[Image]  How long does processing take with ”Mahnung-Online“?
[Image]  Does ”Mahnung-Online“ also represent my case in court during a lawsuit?
[Image]  Does “Mahnung-Online” handle other legal issues as well?  
[Image]  Which costs are involved in using ”Mahnung-Online“ services?  
[Image]  What are the advantages of using “Mahnung-Online“ services?  

Answers about technical and legal questions:

[Image]  Mahn-FAQ


Who is behind the website ”Mahnung-Online“?
”Mahnung-Online“ is an online service provided by the law office Anwalts-AG i.G. Kanzlei Agnesstraße.

„Mahnung-Online“ is the first internet platform in Germany that allows users to issue court orders online by means of special online-forms.

Our law office developed this platform in 2000 and launched the online service ”mahnung-online.de“.  

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How does ”Mahnung-Online“ handle its cases?
All cases and proceedings are handled directly by law office ”Anwaltskanzlei Agnesstraße“. All communication occurs directly between the clients and the attorneys working at our office.

We do not assign any third party companies to process court or enforcement orders.

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How does communication take place between “Mahnung Online“ and our clients?

We inform our clients about every stage of progress in their cases via email. Whenever written documents must be sent to the clients, we prefer to do this by fax or by regular mail. 

Our clients can transfer information or submit questions and documents to us via email (mail@mahnung-online.de), fax (0049-234-95869527) or by sending it by regular mail.

You are welcome to phone our staff to inquire about the status of your case: 0049-234-9586523, from Monday – Friday. (08:45 am to 18:45 pm). We have access to an internal online-information system to inform our clients on case status quickly on the phone.  

Please keep in mind that it is often difficult to answer complex legal questions satisfactorily on the phone. In this case we ask you to send us an email with a description of the facts.

You can also request information on your situation by sending an inquiry online:
[Image]  Query of circumstances

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How long does processing take with ”Mahnung-Online“?
Normally, we inform you about documents we receive in your case on the same day as receipt or on the following day.

We normally strive to answer your emails on the same working day or on the following day. Please understand that it may take longer to answer emails dealing complex questions in certain cases. However, we make an effort to answer every email within three working days.

The issue of court orders normally occurs on the same day or following working day after receiving all necessary information and all necessary documents. The process for applications for a compulsory enforcement occurs within one week after receiving the application.

Please keep in mind that the process time for courts, bailiffs or other authorities may take weeks or even months. We cannot influence these processing times.

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Does ”Mahnung-Online“ also represent my case in court during a lawsuit ?
If a lawsuit occurs (e.g. due to a debtor’s objection during the dunning procedure), we will represent you in court also at your place of residence or your business’s residence.
All necessary documents, in particular the substantiation of a claim, are handled by our team of attorneys.

If one of our attorneys is unable to keep a hearing appointment as part of lawsuit proceedings because of distance, our office will assign a local attorney in your area as a temporary agent to keep the appointment. We have a network of attorneys we regularly use for these purposes.

Our attorney agent will only attend the hearing appointment. There are no additional costs involved in using this; the agent’s fees are included as part of the case fees.

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Does “Mahnung-Online” handle other legal issues as well?

In addition to our ”Mahnung-Online“ services, we are active in almost all legal fields for private individuals and business clients. Our main areas are:

[ image ]  Execution law
[ image ]  On-line rights
[ image ]  Travel rights
[ image ]  Corporate law
[ image ]  Physician and patient rights
[ image ]  Social law
[ image ]  Family law
[ image ]  Traffic law
[ image ]  Insurance law
[ image ]  Contract and commercial law
[ image ]  Administrative law

We can also act for you in other legal matters. Please contact us by  email (mail@mahnung-online.de), phone (0049-234-9586523) or fax (0049-234-9586527).

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Which costs are involved in using ”Mahnung-Online“ services?
The costs for issuing a court order must be paid in full by the debtor if your claim is justified, if the debtor remains in default of payment and if the debtor is solvent.

The following link provides detailed information on the costs:
[Image]  Reminder and execution costs

All costs are calculated based on the amount of your claim. The charges are stipulated by law and comply with the legal regulations governing attorney fees (RVG) and the court cost legislation.

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What are the advantages of using ”Mahnung-Online” services?
There are many advantages in using ”Mahnung-Online” services, such as:
[Image] Short processing times
[Image] Quick communication using email and the internet
[Image] No need for personal meetings with a local attorney
[Image] No need to purchase forms to apply for court orders
[Image] Consultation available on legal issues for your case
[Image] Applications for court orders are always filled in correctly
[Image] Accurate calculation and claims for interest and accessory claims
[Image] Always receive up to date information on your case status via internet
[Image] Quick release of court orders at local courts thanks to electronic data transfer
[Image] Clients with multiple cases can start proceedings themselves by accessing their case and thus save time

All information is presented to the best of our knowledge. We assume no responsibility for its correctnes.

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