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This page provides answers to technical problems that may arise. Should you have any questions please email us at mail@mahnung online.de or in urgent cases phone at as 0049-234-9586528.

[Image]  Why do the buttons not work on these pages?
[Image]  Why does a JavaScript error occur when I want to send forms?
[Image]  Why does a server error occur when opening a form window?

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Why do the buttons not work on these pages?

Error description: Buttons are empty when opening a page. When clicking on buttons nothing happens.

1. Solution: Probably you did not enable JavaScript in your Browser. Please enable JavaScript and re-load the page. Your browser’s help page will assist you in activating JavaScript.

2. Solution: You activated a popup blocker. Keep the "ctrl" pressed and simultaneously click the button with the mouse. Now a popup window should open. You can also deactivate the popup blocker before clicking on the button.

You also may have opened our website within a frame from another internet page. In this case, please open our website directly via our internet address http://www.mahnung online.de.

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Why does a Javascript error occur when I want to send forms?

Error description: A JavaScript error occurs when you open form pages for completion or mailing.

Solution: Probably you did not open the form pages within the necessary framesets. Please open ”Mahnung-online“ again via (http://www.mahnung online.de) and do not use the option ”open page in new window“ when opening a page. This ensures that all pages are opened in appropriate frame-surroundings.

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Why does a server error occur when opening a form window?

Error description: A server error occurs when opening a window to open a section of the form. The appropriate section of the form is not indicated. This error can also occur when sending and confirming form entries.

Solution: You are probably using MS Internet explorer. This browser displays a programming error when using JavaScript. This error occurs temporarily if several browser windows are opened at the same time. 

Please open only one form window at a time. Wait until loading in other windows is complete before opening the next window. It is advisable first to open the window for the first form section, complete this section, send it and close the window and then open the next window for the next form section.

All information is presented to the best of our knowledge. We assume no responsibility for its correctness

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