Power of Attorney

We require power of attorney before we can issue a court order on your behalf. Please complete this certificate, sign it and send it to us by fax (0049-234-9586527) or by regular mail (advoprax AG, Agnesstrasse 22+34, 44791 Bochum, Germany).

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Power of Attorney
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In the case of               

Creditor's name


Debtor's name
regarding assertion of a claim

authority is hereby given to the Kanzlei Agnesstrasse

1. to act on the creditor’s behalf during proceedings  (including  proceedings based on §§ 81ff.ZPO), including authority to make  and withdraw counter claims;

2. engage in all related activities, including any type of out-of-court hearings  

3. to draw up and cancel  contractual relationships and to execute and accept one-sided declarations of intention (e.g. cancellations).

This power of attorney is valid for all instances and extends to all accessory and subsequent proceedings (i.e. arrest and injunction, taxation of costs, execution proceedings, compulsory action proceedings, forced administration proceedings, despositation proceedings and insolvency proceedings). It includes in particular the authority to effect and accept services of process, to delegate powers completely or in part (delegated authority, to appeal to court, to renounce remedies, to settle a legal proceeding/out of court hearing by means of composition or acknowledgement, to accept money, valuables, documents, in particular the object of the dispute from the court cashier or sums refunded from miscellaneous authorities and to (take) access records.

The undersigned acknowledges that according to § 49 b Section. 5 BRAO the calculation of legal fees is not restricted to framework or regulated or fixed charges. Fixed charges are calculated based on the claim amount involved.  

The undersigned agrees that legal fees and expenses arising herefrom are charged against the amount that is collected from the debtor.