Additional Services

In addition to requesting court orders, our legal team also provides the following services:

[Image]  Information and consultation
[Image]  Enforcement
[Image]  Representation in court
[Image]  Other legal fields onsite at our office


Information and consultation

We answer all your questions on a court order’s request. This applies for questions on proceedings underway and general advice on requesting a court order.    

Consulting services for court order or cases involving subsequent enforcement are included in the attorney’s fees for the reminder and execution proceedings. 

There is a consultation charge for answering questions on whether issuing a court order or another method may be more effective in your particular case. This charge may be between 10 € to 180 €, depending on the claim amount in question. This charge does not occur if a court order is issued or if an attorney acts on your behalf. In this case your only fee is for the reminding procedure or for the attorney actions on your behalf.

[Image]  Reminding and execution costs
[Image]  Costs of online dunning procedure

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If the debtor fails to pay even after you issue a court order, your may instruct your attorney to take further action. In this case the attorney will issue an enforcement order in which you can assert your claim through the services of a bailiff. If a compulsory auction is needed, your attorney will also retain the services of a bailiff and include all legal steps to process the enforcement.

[Image]  Reminding and executing costs

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Appearance in court

If the debtor files an objection against your reminder or enforcement order, then the debtor disputes the legality of your claim. This results in a legal proceeding where a claim’s validity must be determined in order to be settled by the debtor.

In this case, the attorney assigned to your case may represent you in court, if you request.

In some cases it is better to assert claims without a court order but with the help of the court. In these cases it is also possible to consult an attorney.

[Image]  Reminding en executing costs

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